For homeowners looking to pay less for a necessary utility. The form on the next page has some questions that will help determine how much solar can save you.


For business owners that own a property that requires electricity. Decrease tax liability, spend less for electricity, and add equity to your building.


Our electricity utility cost calculator is a useful tool for homeowners to estimate their annual expenses for electricity.




Hedge against the rising rates of inflation. Trade renting for ownership. Save tens of thousands of dollars.

Change is Necessary.

Change is Necessary.

Blackouts keep coming

Power bills are skyrocketing

You’re losing money every month

We are your Solar Solution Specialists

From A - Z

Our designs follow all fire code ensuring that your system will be up and running ASAP. Our install times are the fastest in the Midwest. Faster than ADT. Faster than Encor. Best Wichita Solar company.


We handle everything from the initial concept design to the finalized engineering drawings.

You can trust our proposals to be highly accurate. Estimate my solar savings. Estimate your savings with solar. Best solar in Wichita, Kansas. ADT solar.


Know exactly how much you will pay to rent your electricity for the next 25 years - and how much less you'll pay for solar.

Because of our amazing value in the products we offer, we are able to save our customers more money in the long term than any other solar company. Cheaper than ADT solar. Cheaper than Sunrun. Cheaper than Encor. 30% federal solar tax credit.

Federal Tax

Get rewarded for owning your power.

Net metering. We use net metering to help out customers save even more money with solar. Fastest PTO out of any Kansas solar company. Faster install than ADT solar.


Get paid for the excess solar energy that you produce.

Better customer service than any other solar company. Higher quality employees than Rise Solar.


You can always expect our team to fully explain every aspect of your solar system and answer every question that you have.

Our warranty covers everything for 25 years. Fluent solar alternative. More affordable than Encor Solar. Best Value for solar in Kansas.

25 Year

From roof edge to ridge - and everything in between - we'll cover your solar equipment and the roof below it.

Easy to get started

Just reach out and we will build a comprehensive proposal for your home or business. Highly valuable information - all at no cost to you.

Get paid to switch

Select homes can qualify for our zero down options🛈

For homes that are selected, we take care of all the upfront costs associated with going solar.

*Must have good credit and income to qualify

We have you covered

Our systems come with a 25 year manufacturer parts and labor warranty. All panels we install are best in class "tier 1" panels; ensuring the absolute best longevity.

Frequently asked questions

Will bad weather damage my system?

We only use high quality panels that can withstand high winds and large hail. It is necessary for us to use only the toughest panels on the market because weather in the Midwest can be very unforgiving and we don't want our customers panels to be damaged. The only way that your system could be damaged by bad weather is if a tornado goes directly over your house.

Does solar add equity to my house?

Solar does add equity to your house. Not having to pay an electric bill is something that homebuyers value, and this value will be reflected in the equity of your home. (source)

How long will the solar panels last?

The panels we use typically last 40-50 years without any significant energy production issues.

Do I have to pay for repairs?

Our 25 year warranty covers your full system, so if anything breaks we fix it for you at no cost.

Will my roof work with solar?

Each roof is different and we inspect each roof before creating a proposal. Optimally, the panels need to be placed on either the south or west side of your roof.

How is solar going to impact my utility bill?

Your new utility bill will depend on the offset of your solar system. In most cases, we can offset 100% of your usage and your new utility bill will only contain some small grid tie fees.

Will I qualify for the federal solar tax credit?

If you did not pay income taxes in the previous year due to low income or too many deductions, you will not qualify for the solar tax credit. The federal solar tax credit decreases your tax liability by up to 30% of the total system cost. If your tax liability is not zero for the previous year, you will qualify. You will need to discuss the federal solar tax credit with your CPA when you file your taxes.

How will I know that my system is working?

We have an app that allows you to easily check the production of your system to ensure that it is functioning properly.

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